Pray Daily for Families

Morning and Evening Prayer fully illustrated: Pray Daily for Families teaches children simple prayers that involve their bodies and engage their imaginations.

11″x8.5″ premium hardcover book
2 offices of prayer divided into 4 memorable parts
10 full-spread watercolor illustrations

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Prayer Reimagined

Start praying with your children. Pray Daily for Families provides a beautiful template for family prayer. It simplifies Morning and Evening Prayer to their essential elements, made accessible for children as young as three.

Fully Modeled

Build a lifelong foundation. Pray Daily for Families draws on a rich tradition of prayer that children can quickly memorize and apply. Children learn how prayer involves our whole lives: listening, singing, asking, and serving.

Fully Illustrated

Breathe life into the routine. Pray Daily for Families immerses children in the joy of a life surrounded by Scripture. With beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations packed with details to discover, Pray Daily for Families celebrates prayer that engages the body and mind.

Illustrated by Phaedra Jean Taylor
Calligraphy BY Autumn Swindoll

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Supplemental Resource

Seasonal Readings

Pray Daily Press provides these free seasonal cards to expand Pray Daily for Families. Download and choose from additional reading selections based on the church calendar, making your Scripture lessons and closing Collects more specific to the time of year. They are formatted for digital viewing or print-at-home.